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trust discarded love sunrise on the owens oakland homicide toll for 2006 is... water like oil moonrise over oakland G.'s books skull in the rain dan murphy, in memoriam antelope, nature's wonders nature's stencil police signal look at them spinning is that what they call self gratification ? rock, paper, where are the scissors ? broken meter chair on gravel container fans fishy car muted oil slick low rider cart rusty drums fort funston not golden in the park piedmont boutique chocolate donuts first sunset of the year vacation is over giving me the eye birds over pier the right stuff myth shattered sea horse or bird ? bodega dunes log workers strike @ mcdo broken window the artist's palette recorder & kid light house la vie amoureuse wine thingy tourist' bar road entertainment procrastination wired sidewalk long road no title couch with a view car hood with cars curve ? what curve ? lost head cone chair on fence bike on ggb staircase, rue madame